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Visa Cards are accepted by millions of vendors and merchants across all nations. Consumers who hold Visa Cards have access to a myriad of ATM machines, as well. A Visa credit card for fair credit can provide a downtrodden consumer with everything that he or she needs to survive in the finance world. Fair credit consumers are those who have a FICO credit score that is less than 600 points. The following are some Visa Card options for such people. Interested persons should choose to apply for cards that appeal to their personal interests.

Credit One Platinum Visa

visaCredit One offers consumers quite a few options, even with fair credit. The Platinum Visa is one of them. The Platinum Visa is a rewards card, which means it gives people the opportunity to earn rewards by using it. The Platinum Visa pays out 1 percent for every dollar a person spends on certain purchases. The card has an interest rate that is between 15 percent and 24 percent. Consumers who have used the card have given it a rating of three stars. They feel that it is a fairly decent card, but it can be much better. The annual fee is $0 to $99, and the second figure is what tends to scare consumers off from this one.

Capital One Spark

The Spark card is an option for a fair credit consumer who wants to get away from the headache of the annual fee. This card has a $0 fee and some other positives such as business credit, which is music to a new business owner’s ears. The spark card has a rating of four stars for its benefits. The interest rate is a whopping 23 percent, but it may be worth it for all the benefits that one receives from the card.

The Journey Rewards Visa Card

The Journey Reward Visa card is an option form Capital One for students who have fair credit. One of the benefits of this card is that it offers its cardholders 1 percent off of their purchases plus an additional benefit for making timely payments. The company also gives the cardholders a review after only five payments and does its best to give that person a credit line increase. The interest rate on the card is 20.24 percent, which is on the high side, but the cardholder gets to enjoy the first few months without having to pay for it.

The Capital One Credit Card

approvedThe Capital One credit card is a card that offers the first nine months as an interest-free period for the consumer. After the interest-free period ends, the cardholder has to pay an interest rate of 15.64 t a little more than 24 percent. There is a possible annual fee, but the cardholder does have to pay for other services. This card offers a lot of value in terms of cash back options. Users get 1.5 percent cash back on every single purchase they make. Furthermore, they get to have some of the free services from Uber. Uber is Google’s car driver program that somewhat resembles a tax service for regular citizens.

Applying for Cards

Applying for cards is easy, but the consumer has to know what is right for him or her to succeed. The person has to decide what is most important. Some users are concerned with the cash back. Other consumers are happy with a low interest rate or an introductory offer. Not everyone is going to be satisfied with the same card, so they will have to find one that fits their unique personalities and needs. The application process literally takes 10 minute.