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Although it is getting increasingly difficult to navigate the realm of credit scores and financial markets in today’s age, more and more consumers are seeing themselves fall into the category of “fair credit”. However thanks to Visa and many of the card services which they currently offer, individuals with credit ratings roughly in the 550-650 range still have plenty of opportunity to build their rating towards that excellent status. Regardless of your preference in a credit card, whether it is a cashback service or one that contributes to free airfare, Visa currently operates a wide variety of services which can fit the needs of all. The following are just a few of the current cards that Visa offers the consumers with a fair credit rating.

Journey Student Rewards from Capital One

visaFor those college students out there who are looking to build up their fair credit rating, the Journey Student Rewards card from Capital One offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of a visa credit card without the demands of a more mainstream credit offer. With relatively fair standards of acceptance, the Journey Student Rewards card offers plenty of useful benefits, including an extra .25% cash back for an on-time payment as well as an automatic credit increase barring your first five payments being on time. This not only eases the pressure of having to deal with APR, but moreover encourages cardholders to make on-time payments in order to maximize their potential rewards from the card offer. And in the ultimate attempt to encourage students of all economic backgrounds to apply, there is no annual fee associated with the Journey Student Rewards card, which further releases the burden of expenses while trying to gain an education.

Credit One Platinum Visa Rewards

For those of us who are out of college and looking for a cashback card, the Credit One Platinum Visa Rewards card could be worth considering. While offering 1% cash back on all purchases, subscription allows for the consumer to use their card for everyday purchases with the understanding that every dollar they spend will result in a cash back reward. Other benefits of the card include a flexible payment date, which allows the cardholder to adjust the time that their payment will be due based upon their personal preferences or needs. Moreover, Visa has also built in automated reviews of each cardholder’s credit line in order to constantly evaluate whether or not certain individuals are eligible or a credit line increase. Despite an annual fee that is up to 99$ the Credit One Platinum Visa Cash Back Rewards card offers a relatively simple way to earn cashback on everyday purchases without too much hassle.

USAA Classic Platinum

credit-cards-for-fair-credit-with-no-annual-fee-1Last but not least, Visa also offers a card specific to military service members via the USAA Classic Platinum Visa card. Perhaps the most attractive card benefit, Visa offers variable rates based upon the military status of the cardholder in order to provide for an optimal situation in which the military member can retain the subscription. Also, the service also allows for the cardholder to be eligible for an automatic upgrade to the premium card option based on satisfactory and on-time payments during the initial subscription. Ultimately, the USAA Platinum Visa card is an excellent option for those military members, both active and retired, who are looking for a subscription which is designed to give back to the honorable service that serving our country is.