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People often hear that they need good credit to get a Visa credit card. However, those who “only” have fair credit may assume that these types of credit cards are out of reach. Additionally, those with fair credit might also feel like the criteria placed on them by card companies to get a credit card are impossible to achieve. It’s a Catch-22, really. Most people can’t get a credit card unless they have good credit, but they can’t get good credit if they don’t have a credit card. If you count yourself among those whose credit is only fair and not good or even excellent, don’t despair. Plenty of Visa cards exist for those who need a card and who want to boost their credit. Here’s the scoop on some credit card companies that offer cards to people with fair credit.

First Some Definitions…

People are often told that they need good credit to do things like buy a house or get a car or even apply for a credit card. However, many people don’t actually even know what that means in terms of their credit score. According to, an excellent credit score is 750 and above. A good credit score is 700 to 749, and a fair credit score is 650 to 699. This is being brought up so that those with fair credit can see that not much separates them from people who have good credit scores — in most cases, one point only.

However, as points out, the ability for someone to get credit also is dependent upon the actual lender. For those lenders, a 680 credit score might be considered good credit. That being the case, it pays to look at all your options when you’re looking for a Visa credit card for fair credit. You might have better luck than you think when you’re applying. Keep that in mind as you look through the following credit-card offers.

Chase Slate

approve-3The Chase Slate Visa card is a 0% card for the first 15 months of you owning it. The card also allows you to transfer your higher percent credit cards for the first 15 months at 0%. Once you are charged an APR, it can vary, ranging from just over 13% to up to 23%. That said, you won’t get any penalties for paying late. And the card has no annual fee, making it a sweet deal for those who need a credit card to improve their credit rating.

primor Secured Visa Gold Credit Card

Sometimes you just know coming into the credit-application process that things may not go your way. Maybe you have a bankruptcy on your credit. Or maybe you’re just now getting caught up after being behind on some bills due to a job loss. If that fits your situation right now, you may want to consider applying for the primor Secured Visa Gold Credit Card. True enough, you have to make a minimum deposit f $200.00 to get the card. You’ll also have an annual fee of $49.00. But the APR on this card is sweet, indeed. At only 9.99%, this bad-credit credit card won’t cost you as much overall as some cards will. And you’re also guaranteed to get approved provided that you can claim that your income exceeds your expenses by one-hundred bucks each month.

Credit One Platinum Visa Cash Back Rewards Credit Card

department-store-credit-cards-for-fair-credit-3You’re going to get gas and groceries anyway, so you might as well get some money back when you do. If that thought appeals to you at all, you’ll definitely want to check out the Credit One Platinum card. You’ll get 1% cash back on purchases like gas and groceries. You can also enjoy a flexible payment date, so that you’re not expected to pay your credit card bill when you don’t have money. Additionally, this card offers you automatic credit reviews: If your credit improves, so does the amount of your credit line. Finally, no need to worry about damaging your credit score by applying. This card won’t do that.

Last Thoughts on Fair-Credit Credit Cards

You may have given up on the idea of getting a Visa card due to your credit score. However, as these credit cards demonstrate, that doesn’t have to be the case. The three cards on this list have much to offer you in terms of flexibility, benefits, and rewards. If you want to move your fair-credit score up to the good range, think about applying for one of these cards.