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You love traveling… And all it brings like the taste that plate of linguine in Italy; the feel the rocks beneath your shoes as you climb over Machu Picchu; and feel the silk from the silk worms in China at your fingertips. To make such trip possible, you know that you need to get a credit card that offers you travel rewards. There’s only one drawback, though. Your credit is fair at best. No worries. Plenty of credit cards exist that will meet your needs and help you rebuild your credit.

First Things First

It would be helpful to know what constitutes a fair credit score. While having a credit score in the 700 or 800 range would be fantastic, it isn’t necessary for getting at least some credit cards. The credit scoring company may also have something to do with whether your credit score is considered good or bad. For this purpose, we’ll go with your FICO score. According to, a good FICO score starts at 670, with the upper limits of a fair credit score being 669. That being the case, if your credit score is on the borderline, you may still be able to qualify for some of the cards below.

Capital One Venture Rewards

capital-one-venture-rewardsAccording to Money Under 30, this is the card for you if need a little extra everyday that you’re on the road. How would you feel about having airline miles that never expire? Or paying no foreign transaction fees. Or how about paying zero dollars as an annual fee the first year? Yep. Those are just some of the rewards you get with this card.

Add to this a one-time bonus of 40K miles and the opportunity to fly the airline of your choice and stay in the hotel that best suits you, and you’ve got one flexible travel card.

Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard

barclaycard-rewards-mastercardWhile technically not a travel rewards card, the Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard is definitely a card you want to take on the road with you. “Why?” you might be inclined to ask. Well, if you consider that much of your travel expenses while you’re on the road will be eaten up by food and gas (if you’re traveling by car), then this is a great card to have in your wallet. There’s no annual fee. You can also earn 2% cash back when you buy gas and groceries.

BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card

bankamericard-travel-rewards-credit-cardBankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card also counts as one of the better deals when you’re looking for everyday travel rewards. This one gives you 20K online bonus points when your purchases add up to at least $1000 in your first three months of owning the card. There are also no blackout dates plus you earn one-and-a-half points for every dollar that you spend. This has no annual fee nor foreign transaction fees, making this a great card for those with fair to good credit.

Honorable Mentions

travelLots of credits cards offer travel rewards. If this list doesn’t feel complete enough for you, you may want to also consider the following cards. Some do ask for a higher credit score, so if you’re on the cusp of the FICO scores, these could be worth looking into.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card gets an endorsement from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and gives you 25% more value at the hotel and rental car check-in desks. However, this card requires excellent credit.

The JetBlue Card counts among the best cards to get for airline credits. Credit requirement? Good to excellent.

Chase Freedom Unlimited offers 1.5% cash back, no annual fee, and the ability to redeem for cash.