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A fair credit card is a legitimate credit card that works the same way other credit cards work. It can be a Visa or MasterCard, and it can have a variety of features and benefits to it. What makes a fair credit card different from other types is its qualifying criteria. People who apply for such cards have to have fair credit. A fair credit score is a FICO score that is between 580 and 629 points. It is not a highly desirable score range, but it can get some people an approval. The following are five are some amazing fair credit cards for consumers who are searching for them:

Capital One Quicksilver One Card

capital-one-quicksilveroneA rewards credit card is one of the best type of cards to have because it allows the consumer to rack up various rewards while he or she shops. The Capital One QuicksilverOne card is a cash back rewards card. The person who owns this card racks up about 1.5 percent cash back for different purchases. Furthermore, the person gets to have an interest-free card for the first nine months under the current special. The QuicksilverOne is a MasterCard, and it does have a small annual fee.

Capital One Platinum Visa

credit-one-platinum-visa-cash-back-rewards-credit-cardThe Capital One Platinum Visa is an amazing card for anyone who has to get back into the credit world for one reason or another. It is an attractive Visa option that allows the cardholder to earn cash back as well as restore his or her credit. The Capital One Platinum Visa card provides credit line increases for the cardholder after he or she exercises good use for a certain amount of time. The annual fee can be $0, or it can be as high as $99 for the person.

NFL Extra Points Credit Card

nfl-extra-points-credit-cardThe NFL Extra Points Visa card is a beautiful card for a person to have. The company starts giving bonus points to the cardholders the moment they get their hands on a card. The card is a points rewards card that issues points for every purchase. The cardholder can then use the points to purchase merchandise and ball game tickets. The cards are customizable to display any of the football teams, and the cardholder can enjoy 15 long months of not having to worry about any interest.

Capital One Spark Classic

capital-one-spark-classicThe Capital One Spark Classic card is great for business owners. Business owners have to go by their personal credit scores when they apply for credit cards. The Spark card provides business owners who have less-than-desirable scores the opportunity to have a useful card that they can use for themselves or their employees. The Spark card has no annual fee, and it allows the user to earn 1 percent cash back on purchases. The card also has fraud protection and free cards for employees.

Capital One NASCAR Card

capital-one-nascar-cardCapital One seems to manufacturer quite a few cars. The NASCAR card is a card for people who are fans of the sport. It comes with 16.65-23.90 percent variable interest rate with some prime features such as a flexible annual fee, flexible payment dates and $0 fraud liability. The cardholder can also get text alerts that let him or her know when the next payment is due so no late payments will occur.

Anyone who would like to apply for one of these cards can do so by completing an online form or calling the company. The online form is the best way to get started. Most online apps only take about three minutes, and the interested party can find out the answer in about 60 seconds.