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Store cards for people with fair credit are awesome because they allow people to build their financial profiles while they shop for their favorite items. A store credit card is a little different from a regular credit card in that it is sometimes restricted to only one store. Some store credit cards do not carry the Visa or MasterCard logos on them while others do. The follow are some store credit cards that consumers can apply for if they want to shop at a specific store and build their credit at the same time.

The Fingerhut Card and Account

fingerhut-credit-advantage-account-credit-cardFingerhut is a catalog store that one can get credit with fairly easily. People with horrible credit have a huge chance of getting a credit account with Fingerhut as a matter of fact. The way it works is that the applicant applies for credit with Fingerhut. If the person is approved, then Fingerhut will establish a set amount of credit that the person can use to buy things from the Fingerhut site. No one will be able to purchase items from a site that is not the Fingerhut site. The company will report all the timely payments that the customer makes to the major credit bureaus. People who sign up now may be privy to a special holiday promotion for one of the biggest shopping days of the season.

The Sears Credit Card

searsThe Sears Credit Card is an option for people who like the Sears chain. A shopper with fair credit can certainly qualify for it as the company is very lenient with people. The card has some cool features to it in that it provides consumers with the opportunity to earn rewards. Not all store cards give shoppers rewards benefits. The Sears credit card is offered by Citi Bank, and people who qualify for it have the opportunity to earn 10 percent in points for the purchases that they make.

The Barnes & Noble MasterCard

the-barnes-noble-mastercardThe Barnes & Noble MasterCard is an excellent option for people who love to buy books. Since the card is a MasterCard, its holders can use it to buy a vast assortment of items. The MasterCard immediately starts rewarding all new cardholders with benefits. New cardholders get a $25 gift card after their first purchase. They also receive no annual fee and 12 months of membership with Barnes and Noble. Additionally, cardholders can earn between 1 and 5 percent cash back on all of their purchases.

The Starbucks Credit Card

the-starbucks-credit-cardAnyone who loves Starbucks coffee will be crazy about getting approved for one of the company’s cards. The Starbucks card has a lot to offer someone with fair credit. First, it can offer the customer the opportunity to earn cash back as well as gift cards for some of their delicious coffee. Shoppers can earn up to 3 percent cash back for of all of their Starbucks purchases. Additionally, they can get special discounts on Starbucks items. The card is issued by Chase bank, and many people are eligible to qualify for it. The Chase Freedom card provides its cardholders with plenty of reasons to use it.

Interested persons should visit the respective sites to see if the cards are still available. The providers sometimes change their terms as exciting new opportunities enter the market. The application process usually takes less than three minutes, and the person can receive an answer within one minute. A new card will arrive within seven to 10 business days of when the person completes the first application.