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No annual fee credit cards are perfect for credit card users of any age and score bracket. They are cards that come with no annual fee. Lack of an annual fee allows the credit card user to have more money on his or her balance each year. People with fair credit do not have an optimal credit score, so they sometimes have difficulty finding a credit card that has no annual fee. Fortunately, some options are still out there. The following are examples of a few cards that do not have an annual fee and the reasons that the cards are especially amazing.

Credit One Platinum Visa Credit Card

The Credit One Platinum Visa credit card is a cute card that one can receive with only fair credit. One of the most amazing things about the card is that it provides credit tracking as a free feature. The card has an APR of 15.65-24.15 percent that depends on the applicant’s credit score. The annual fee can be $0, but it can also be as high as $99. The applicant should be aware that he or she may not receive the $0 annual fee if the credit score is not up to par.

citi-simplicity-mastercard-credit-cardCredit One Platinum Visa Cash Back Card

Credit One offers another option for people with fair credit. The Platinum Visa Cash Back card provide the cardholder with the opportunity to get 1 percent cash back on all of his or her fuel and grocery purchases. Some of the other benefits of the card is that it has flexible payment options, credit tracking and automatic credit line increase reviews. The annual fee is contingent on the credit score, so it may be $0 if the applicant’s score is on the high end of being fair.

Chase Slate Card

The Chase Slate card is an option for people who have fair credit and want to transfer some of their balances over to the card to clean up their credit. The Chase Slate card has a 15-month interest-free period, which is quite appealing to many cardholders. In addition to the 15 months of no interest and a $0 annual fee, the Chase Slate card also offers features such as two months of free balance transfers and no late payment penalties. The regular variable APR for the card is somewhat fair. It can be as low as 13.24 percent and as high as 23.24 percent.

Bonus: Capital One QuicksilverOne Card

capital-one-quicksilveroneThe Capital One QuicksilverOne card does not have a $0 annual fee, but it is such an amazing option that one still may choose it. It is a cash back option that offers its cardholders special discounts when they call Uber for rides. The card is an amazing option because of its cash back possibilities it offers. Cardholders can earn up to 1.5 percent off their purchases on all items, not just special items in certain categories. That cuts down some of the confusion that goes on with such cards sometimes. New cardholders get to skip their interest rate for an entire nine months after they receive their cards. Other features that the card provides for its holders are features such fraud protection and anytime cash redemption.

Interested persons can apply for a new card today. The process takes about three to five minutes, and many of the online sites supply their applicants with the answers to their credit questions within 60 seconds. It is worth a try for a person with fair credit to complete an application and see where he or she stands.