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An instant approval credit card is a credit card that you can gain an approval on the same day you apply for it. Many such cards exist, and you should apply for one today if you are looking for one. A wide variety of instant approval cards for people with fair credit are out there, so you will find one that fits your flavor. Do not fret if you have a credit score that is less than 600 points. These options are available just for you:

1. The Chase Slate Card

chase-slateThe Chase Slate card is an instant-approval card that has a ton of features with it. Anyone with average to excellent credit can apply for it, and many people will receive an approval. If you are a person with fair credit, you can take a chance and apply for this card. You will most likely get an answer to your application in about 60 seconds. Some of the benefits that this card offers are benefits such as a $0 annual fee, waived penalties for late payments and a 15-month introductory period in which the cardholder does not have to pay an extra fee. The Chase Slate Visa card also provides its cardholder with a free FICO score each month and a $0 balance transfer fee for the first six months. Consumers can take advantage of that special offer to organize their credit.

2. USAA Classic Platinum Visa®

usaa-classic-american-express-credit-cardThe USAA Classic Platinum Visa® is a special card or military members who have fair credit. Their family members are also eligible to get this card. They must have had an honorable discharge to qualify for the product, however. The card offers chip technology so that its cardholders have the highest level of security when they use their cards. The device also offers features such automatic upgrades and focus on increasing the cardholder’s credit line.

3. Milestone Gold MasterCard

milestone-gold-mastercardThe Milestone Gold MasterCard is a wonderful card because it allows potential cardholders to prequalify. Applicants can find out if they can receive one of these cards by completing a brief application that has no bearing on their credit score. The card offers benefits such as free online access, a hip new design and access to over 35 million ATM machines and merchants across the nation. Cardholders also have access to fraud protection just in case something happens to their cards.

4. Journey® Student Rewards From Capital One®

journey-student-rewards-from-capital-oneCapital One offers a wonderful rewards credit card for students. The Journey Student Rewards card is a fun card to have because it offers its cardholders prizes for their usage. Cardholders receive 1 percent cash back on all of their purchases. Capital one also offers .25 percent additional funds as a bonus for timely payments. Furthermore, the card also offers a $0 annual fee and balance transfer free. Students can feel comfortable bringing their balances over from other accounts.

5. Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard

barclaycard-rewards-mastercardFinally, the Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard is an option for someone with fair credit who wants an answer to the question of whether he or she can get a card right now. The BarclayCard Rewards MasterCard allows the consumer to earn points on his or her purchases. Cardholders get two points for each purchase they make on groceries and gas. Those persons get one point for every other category of items. The points do not expire, and there is no annual fee involved. The new card comes with chip technology, free credit scores and more.

Interested persons can choose from any of these selections and a whole lot of other selections. They will receive instant approval in about 60 seconds. The new card will arrive in seven to 10 business days.