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If your credit score is a little lower than you want it to be, a gas credit card can be a helpful tool. Getting a card that offers rewards can help you save money, and with responsible usage, you may see your credit score go up. There are several good cards available if your FICO score is in the low to mid 600’s.

Some gas station chains offer their own branded credit cards, which you can use each time you gas up at their pumps. There are also general credit cards that offer great rewards on gas as well as other purchases. Getting a station-branded card can be beneficial if you don’t qualify for a non-branded card, but getting a non-branded card is probably the best choice if you have the credit rating to qualify. Here are some of the best of both types.

Best Station-Branded Cards

  1. gas-credit-cards-for-fair-credit-1BP Visa Credit Card

Issued by Synchrony Bank, the BP Visa allow users to earn 5% rewards on all purchases made at BP. Cardholders also get 3% rewards on grocery, dining, and travel purchases. As a signup bonus, you get $0.25 off per gallon on every $100 you spend for the first 90 days. The drawbacks of this card are that it has a high interest rate of 26.99% and steep late fees.

  1. Shell “Drive For Five” Card

If you commute long distances to work, this is a great card for you. It offers 5% rewards when you buy 45 or more gallons of Shell fuel per month. The card is easy to get approved for if you have fair credit, and there’s no annual fee. Just be aware that the card has an interest rate of 24.99%.

  1. ExxonMobil Personal Card

For drivers with a poor or fair credit rating, this card is ideal because it’s easy to get approved for. However, it doesn’t offer many perks. There are no rewards involved, and it has a high interest rate. If you’re a regular Exxon customer, making regular purchases and paying your balance off each month could help you build up a good credit reputation.

Best Non-Branded Cards

  1. Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard

gas-credit-cards-for-fair-credit-2This card is one of the all-around top options for people with fair credit. It will give you 2% cashback on all gas purchases. You also earn 2% cashback on groceries and 1% on everything else. The amount of rewards you earn is unlimited, and they never expire. In addition, having an account gives you free access to your FICO score, so it’ll be easy to keep track of your credit rating.

  1. Discover It For Students

The Discover it For Students offers 5% cashback on rotating categories each quarter. Each year, one of the categories will be gas. The downside is you’ll only earn that level of rewards on your gas purchases for those three months. However, this card is easy to get approved for if you’re a student with limited credit history and a fair rating. At the end of your first year, Discover will double the amount of rewards you earn. It has a variable APR of 13.24% – 22.24% depending on creditworthiness.

  1. Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards

This card offers a 1.5% cash back on all purchases, so you’ll earn great rewards on gas throughout the year. Although it doesn’t offer any perks specific to the gas station, it’s easy to be approved for if you have a fair credit rating. There’s also 0% intro APR for a period of 9 months, and they’ll increase your credit line if you make your first five payments on time.