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Although the most premier credit card offers in the current market may not be available to consumers of a fair credit rating, there are still plenty of opportunities to take advantage of card memberships. Here are just a few of the most highly rated cards that accept a fair credit rating:

Capital One QuickSilver One Cash Rewards

capital-one-quicksilverQuite frankly the Capital One QuickSilver One Cash Rewards Card has become the face of credit card offers this year, with more rewards offers than ever before. The service offers unlimited 1.5% cash back on all account activity, with your rewards never expiring regardless of how much or how little the card is used. This not only offers an attractive cash back rate, but also allows the cardholder to accumulate their earnings without having to worry about constantly redeeming to avoid expiration.

The QuickSilver card is also perfect for those who make on time payments. The cardholder is subjected to an automatic credit increase after the first five months of on time payments. Moreover, the service allows for 24/7 credit monitoring with their CreditWise service. This allows for all consumers to rest assured that they are on top of their credit card finances at all times.

Finally, this subscription does entail a $39 annual fee; however the generous cashback service should work to offset this annual cost. Ultimately, the Capital One QuickSilver One Cash Rewards Card is one of the premier card services for the fair credit rating in 2016, and it shows in the number of current cardholders.

Credit One Platinum Visa

credit-one-platinum-visa-cash-back-rewards-credit-cardWhat makes this card so attractive is its 1% cash back on eligible purchases. Although the rate may not be competitive with the QuickSilver One card, this feature still allows for the cardholder to accumulate rewards earnings. Moreover, the service offers a pre-qualification stage which does not harm your credit score, but offers a prompt decision on your application. This is ideal for individuals who are not willing to risk the harmful impact to your credit score for a declined offer.

As is standard for many other services, this card entails a 0$ fraud liability service which entirely relieves the cardholder from any purchases made which were not their own. Although CreditOne understands that at times identity theft may happen, and this is why they strongly proclaim to take the worry away from their loyal customers.

Ultimately, the Credit One Platinum Visa card operates at a variable APR of 15.65-24.15% which is fairly average. However, it is important to note that this service is also designed in order to help those repair their credit, thus avoiding carrying a balance should be a pinnacle priority.

Capital One Journey Student Rewards

journey-student-rewards-from-capital-oneDesigned specifically for college students looking to build up their credit scores while in school, The Journey Student Rewards card from Capital One offers plenty of features that are advantageous toward the younger generation. Not only does the card membership entail 1% cash back on all purchases, but an on time payment also allows the cardholder to benefit from an extra .25% cashback on the entire billing statement. This added bonus is simply for making a full payment by the due date, and nothing else.

Moreover, with no annual fee, students who own the card are able to save their money as well as accumulate earnings through the cashback program in order to fund more important items such as tuition and books. This is just one of the ways in which Capital one works to benefit their customers in every way possible.