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Although there is so much focus on achieving the “perfect” credit rating in todays world of finance, in reality there are still plenty of opportunities for cardholders of a fair rating to benefit from a service. The following memberships are just a few of them.

Chase Slate

low-interest-2In at least one point in our life, whether it is during college tuition season or purchasing a home, many consumers will be faced with the need to increase their credit purchases in order to sustain enough physical cash value. However often times this is associated with high-interest rate cards that end up charging hundreds if not thousands of dollars on top of the base credit purchase. Lucky, the Chase Slate card is designed specifically to combat this, with no introductory APR for the first 15 months for both purchases as well as balance transfers. This allows for even those individuals who are carrying a high value on their credit cards to transfer the balance free of extra penalty. Moreover, the service offers complimentary monthly access to your FICO score, with no annual fee.

The only downside to the Chase Slate card is that there are not any physical rewards offered to cardholders of the service other than the principles discussed above. In truth, the card is specifically designed to engage the consumer who is interested a balance transfer without having to pay another fee. Ultimately, for those consumers who are looking to avoid the hassle of high-interest rate debt but will want to enjoy all the benefits of a Chase card deal, this deal is for you.

Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard

low-interest-3For cardholders looking to benefit from their everyday purchases, consider Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard. While offering 2% cashback on popular purchases such as gas and groceries, the service is an excellent one for those who aren’t looking for a “home-run” rewards system, but simply want to benefit from their most common everyday purchases. The card also offers 1% cashback on all other purchases.

While also offering complimentary access to your updated monthly FICO score, the Barclaycard is not suitable for those who are looking to carry balances, as the membership includes a 25.24% Variable APR rate, which is relatively high. Cardholders that feel the need to carry a balance every month should be encouraged to look elsewhere, as the Barclaycards benefits are focused on a more simplified, everyday purchase and on-time payment kind of mentality.

Capital One Journey Student Rewards

credit-cards-for-fair-credit-with-no-annual-fee-3For those college students out there looking for a credit card service that is understanding of your needs, consider a membership with Capital One Journey Student Rewards. The service not only offers 1% cashback on all purchases, but also incentives an on-time payment on a month to month basis. For every month that an on-time payment is made, an extra 25% cashback will be applied to your billing statement, which could be used to help offset basic student costs.

This also works in the opposite direction, however, for students who choose to carry a balance. With a 20.24% Variable APR, the card is definitely not designed to aid students who need to carry a monthly balance. Instead, cardholders are encouraged to keep their purchases with the service relatively low, and making 100% of your monthly payment in order to enjoy the benefits of the on-time kickback. In the end, students who wholeheartedly know that they will make on-time payments should consider Capital One Journey Student Rewards card, but otherwise there are plenty of card services elsewhere that are more advantageous for the student carrying a balance.