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Although everyone strives for the excellent credit rating nowadays, in reality it is getting more and more difficult to achieve that elite status. In truth, an increasing number of Americans are finding themselves in the fair to good credit range, which still offers plenty of card services to benefit from. The following are a few credit card memberships offered exclusively by Discover which should be highly considered for those of a fair credit rating.

Discover it Cashback Match

discover-it-cashback-matchThe Discover it Cashback Match card offers a unique program by which your accumulated cashback earnings are matched by Discover at the end up your first year of usage. Although this deal applies to new cardholders only, it is an easy way to maximize the potential rewards from a cashback card without having to do any extra work. However the card benefits of the Cashback Match card are not limited to multiplying your potential returns, but the service also offers an astounding 5% cash back rate through direct purchases at as well as General Department stores through the end of the year after activation. This comes at a time when holiday shopping season is among us, and this card allows for the consumer to enjoy the cashback privilege at remarkable rate. Finally, the Discover card gives the choice of redeeming your accumulated cash back for any amount at any time, with rewards never expiring. Ultimately, the Discover it Cashback Match card is excellent for those with fair credit but who are looking to receive a little extra cash kickback at the end of the month for simply using their credit card for everyday purchases.

Discover it chrome for Students

discoveritOn top of the traditional Discover it Cashback Match card, there is also a service designed specifically for students to get involved as well. Through the Discover It chrome for Students, consumers enjoy 2% cash back at restaurants and gas stations on up to $1,000 in combined purchases every quarter—no sign-ups needed. 1% cash back on all your other purchases. Not only are these rates very competitive based on the market averages, but the card service also adds an extra incentive for students to work hard in their classes while owning the card. As part of their rewards program, students receive 20$ cash back for every school year in which their GPA is 3.0 or higher, applicable for five years total. This can add up to an extra 100$, simply for verifying your grade point average! Also built into the Discover it chrome for Students is the patented “Freeze It” technology, which allows for the cardholder to freeze their card if it is lost or stolen until further notice in order to protect against fraud. Students of all ages should feel encouraged to apply for this service as a way of improving their credit while reaping the rewards of a student-based subscription.

In the end, there are plenty of credit card services offered by Discover in which you can benefit not only in terms of your credit score, but also enjoy your personal preference in rewards, whether it is a cashback service or otherwise.