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No person can obtain approval for a credit card without completing credit card application. An application is a formal request for a lender to extend credit to a consumer. For that process to take place, the consumer must share some personal information with the lender so that the lender can see if they and the consumer are a good fit for the product. Typically, credit card applications have four main parts to them. The applicant must pay close attention to all the main parts and submit any information that the provider requests.

Terms and Conditions

termsThe most important part of the credit card application is unfortunately the part that people ignore the most. The terms and conditions explain everything that the lender expects from the borrower. They explain the specific finance charges, interest rates, and what happens when the borrower makes a late payment. This is the most crucial part of the application process because the applicant is agreeing to all the terms when he or she signs the form. Many consumers do not realize that, and then they get upset when they see a fee for a late charge or something similar. Applicants must take the time to read the full terms.

Personal Information

personalThe personal information section is the part that naturally requests all of the applicant’s personal information. This part of the form asks for the applicant’s name, birth date, social security number, driver’s license and like information. This part of the form is there to verify the applicant’s identity. The credit card company uses this to verify and then check the person’s credit to see if it would like to extend the credit to the person.

Financial Information

The financial information section is another important section that one will find inside of a credit card application. In this section, the prospective lender asks three questions:

  • financeHow much money do you earn?
  • What do your bills look like?
  • How long have you lived in your home?

This part of the application seeks to answer the lender’s concerns about your ability to pay your bill on time. The institution wants to know about your stability and whether you have been living in the same place for several years. Some applications ask you for several years of previous address history so they can be extra sure that you will be faithful. All the information that you put into this section will be used to determine your answer. Make sure everything that you type in is accurate.

Agreement and Submission

agreementThe late part of the application is the agreement and submission section. This section may have some extra parts like room for balance transfer information or an approved user section. Ultimately, it is the section that sums up your agreement to go along with all the terms, policies and procedures. After you submit your application, the system will calculate your information and give you an answer. An approved card will come within 10 business days.