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Deciding which credit card is the best card for fair credit is not always an easy thing to do. It depends on what the person with fair credit wants to do with the card. Credit cards come in a number of categories. Some of the top credit card categories are cash back cards, balance transfer cards, travel rewards cards, $0 annual fee cards and $0 interest promotional cards. The key to finding the best card is to review a number of cards and choose one that has the largest number of benefits to it. The following are some of top credit cards for people with fair credit. Such people can choose which ones are the best on their own.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

The Capital One Platinum card is a wonderful option for fair-credit consumers who appreciate a card that can help them get back on track when it comes to reestablishing credit. Cardholders do not have to request a credit line increase review. The company automatically reviews the account after five timely payments and will most likely oblige by offering an increase. The Platinum card should be considered one of the best cards because it has a $0 annual fee. That means a lot to some people who are just starting out in the credit world. They want to preserve their full balances as much as possible. Some additional benefits that this card has are fraud coverage, $0 balance transfer fee, multiple payment methods and 24-hour account access at all times.


Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Card

The Capital One QuicksilverOne card is an option for consumers who want to earn money when they shop. The card is a cash rewards cards which means that the user gets to earn money every time that he or she uses it. The card has a few amazing features such as the uncategorized cash back options. Many of the cash back cards work by categories, but cardholders of this card get to earn cash back on all of their purchases no matter what they are buying. New cardholders also get to enjoy a nine-month stay on paying any interest. After the promotional period ends, they will be responsible for paying interest that is 23.24 percent. Fraud protection and Uber discounts are some additional features that people have on their cards.

NHL Discover It Card

nhl-discover-it-cardThe NHL Discover It card may be the best option for balance transfers yet. People with fair, good or excellent credit can qualify for it. The card comes with any hockey team that the consumer wants on it. It is a balance transfer card, so the cardholder can use it to transfer his or her various debt onto the card. This card has many positive elements that come along with it. One positive element that cardholders get with this option is that they get to a 0 percent interest rate for up to 12 months. Also, the card has no annual fee and a variable interest rate that could stay on the low side at only a little bit over 11 percent.

Discover It

The Discover It card provides 18 months of no interest rate as well as other positive features such as six months of having no interest to pay and a few other goodies. This card also comes with fraud protection.


A person with fair credit can apply for any of these options to help boost his or her credit score and get back into society as a regular member. An instant decision card only takes 60 seconds to provide an answer to the applicant.