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If you’re trying to build a better credit rating but are stuck in credit card debt, one of the best things you can do is a balance transfer that offers either a reduced interest rate or an interest-free introductory period to help you save money. The more you save on interest, the more money you can put toward your balance to get your debt paid down. Always read the fine details of any card prior to applying for a line of credit.

QuicksilverOne Capital One Cash Rewards Credit Card

capital-one-quicksilveroneWith the Quicksilver One card, you can take advantage of an introductory 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases for 9 months. There is a $39 annual fee, but you can earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase that you make with this card. There is no limit on the amount of rewards that you can earn and you can redeem your cash back with a credit toward the balance of your bill or by requesting a check. The average approved score is 609, but scores as low as 532 and as high as 668 have been accepted for this offer.

NFL Extra Points Credit Card

nfl-extra-points-credit-cardWith no annual fee, the NFL Extra Points credit card offers 0% APR on balance transfers for 15 months with the average credit score of 672 for approval. You can earn cash back with almost every purchase and the rewards are doubled when you shop online at the NFL shop with your credit card. There are other advantages too, such as special ticket financing and two times the points when you use your card while in the stadium and purchasing game tickets.

Chase Slate

chase-slate-visa-credit-cardIt’s easy to save money with 0% APR on the Chase Slate card on balance transfers within the first 60 days that you open your account. The 0% APR applies for 15 months (as long as you do it in time) and there is no annual fee for the card. Another added benefit of having this card is that you’ll also have monthly access to your FICO credit score as well as an explanation behind the numbers so you learn what is impacting your score the most and how to improve it. The average credit rating approval for this offer is 672, but you can still take advantage of the benefits this card has to offer with credit ratings as low as 621.

Citi Diamond Preferred

citi-diamond-preferredWith the Citi Diamond Preferred credit card, you can take advantage of 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for 21 months, but there is a balance transfer fee of up to 3% of the balance that you transfer. There is no annual fee and your interest rate after the introductory period is based on your credit worthiness (credit score). You’ll also have access to your FICO scores and you’ll have access to other perks such as gaining access to presale tickets and special seating options. The preferred credit rating of 727 is ideal to gain approval for this credit offer, but some consumers with a score of 667 have reported that they were approved for this offer.

Before you begin applying for a new line of credit, you’ll need to consider how long the introductory offer lasts for, how much of a balance you’re looking at, whether or not the new card will charge fees for the balance transfer and what your current credit rating is so that you can increase your chances of getting approved since there is a broad spectrum of numbers that will put you in the “fair” credit range.